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My tweets
  • Thu, 17:45: RT @bretmanrock: Me driving: " I fucking hate it when bitches cut me off" Also me driving: *cuts every bitch off
  • Thu, 17:45: RT @hanissahmad: When ur ex saw u and pretended you were invisible
  • Thu, 17:46: RT @medschooladvice: Never compare how you are feeling on the inside with how people appear to be feeling on outside. Chances are we all fe…
  • Thu, 19:01: In need of bubble pearl milk tea. Or any Chatime drink 😭
  • Thu, 19:01: RT @ilovepotatoboy: Apparently I can actually tweet when I'm in the middle of the jungle in SAFE now
  • Thu, 19:05: I think a mixture of baking soda, coffee grounds, and olive oil do wonders for dark underarms. Should start making it a weekly ritual
  • Thu, 19:37: Feeling sad knowing that Bill Kaulitz's solo album is about heartbreak. His "Love Don't Break Me" translates it so well 😭
  • Thu, 20:40: RT @jynwaye: Types of msian Chinese boys: 1. Hypebeast 2. hypebeast + dota 3. Hypebeast + dota + gym 4. Hypebeast + dota + gym + fuckboi
  • Thu, 22:43: RT @SoDamnTrue: beyonce invented being pregnant
  • Thu, 22:47: RT @yoteens: how i sleep knowing i am no one's priority and i am a disappointment to everyone i love
  • Thu, 22:50: What if I would love you till the end? You would never be in love again
  • Fri, 11:04: Have some chill la, doggies. Do you have to bark every time you see me?


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